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I am a Panjabi British born individual with a passion for culture and design so I decided to put my creativity and traditional inspirations together and create my own line of art. Once I started this journey I quickly realised that we could do more then just create good art. So with the help and love of some amazing people around me I broadened my horizon and started creating clothing. 

I then started looking into the Greeting card market and realised that there was a massive gap that needed to be filled. When I look at the traditional English greeting cards I see so much humour and artistic flare but we don't have that in our culture. So I started designing again, this time bringing a modern twist to an outdated theme.

Through it all I just want to show our culture and honour certain people for what they have done for us. From Singers to Aid Workers, comedians to musicians. I want to bring more Love and light to US all. Proud Panjabi, Proud Indian .

Love to the greatest culture in the world.

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