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Lets see if my followers know where they are actually from.
Being born outside of Panjab does not mean we are a different nationality. Our roots will forever stem from the motherland. The generations before us paved the way to create more opportunities for their children by immigrating to western countries. The blood that runs through them, run through us. We are not English, We are not American, we are not Canadian or any of the others territories. We are Panjabi.

We are Brown and we have heritage, we have culture and we have morals. Do not be programed by the Western world to believe the west is far superior. Educate yourself and understand we are one of the smartest most fearless and loyal cultures to exist.

Be proud even if you know nothing about ur culture. Look at yourself and remember your beautiful brown skins carries centuries of strength and power. I say the darker the skin, the deeper the roots.
Don’t just love yourself in the western world but love who and where you really came from.
You are children of Warriors. Remember that.
DO not let this western world paint a different picture for you. Trust in ur parents and ask questions.

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This Tee comes in Black and White only as i beleve this is the best combinatioin to compliment the artwork. The Tee is 100% Cotton with a nice weight to them, Not your Cheap stuff in other words. Follow our Hoodie Care guide to get the best out of your garments.

Panjab Eternal Roots Doaba T Shirt

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